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Pietro Simonetti – Skier

"Heat Holders performed well in the heat retention category. I was pleased that there was a good heat exchange during strenuous activities – i.e. the garments allowed sweat to transpire across without soaking the material. Heat Holders seem extremely warm. For recreational purpose, I would highly recommend them."


Tom Russell – Skier

"I found them ideal for skiing in. I have a problem with my right foot as the sole becomes painful after a couple of hours skiing, but the thickness of the socks provided the cushioning I needed, as well as keeping my feet warmer."


Brian Richardson – Skier

"I wore yours socks at Chill Factor at Trafford Park, Manchester for a ski session of two hours last week. I wore them by themselves, whereas I normally wear two pairs of socks. The extra room allowed me more freedom for blood flow and the thickness of your socks kept my feet nicely warm. I shall wear your socks this ski season, confident of being kept warm."


Dave Renouf – Ski instructor

"As a ski instructor I was able to test the socks out on the glacier above Zermatt at temperatures of around -20'C. These socks were great and I didn't get cold feet. I got back home to Scotland and washed the socks to find out if they changed. Great news, they are as good as new."


Sarah Elton – Skier

"These socks were lovely and warm and very soft. They kept my feet warm while standing around in leather boots for hours."


Susan Beard – Ice Dancer

"The socks keep my feet lovely and warm in the evenings and I will use them in my wellies as well."


John Hodgkinson – Skier

"My initial reaction was very favourable. I used them for skiing at Chill Factor – an hour and a half session and the socks, well and truly fitted the boots. I usually have two pairs of socks on when I ski. Your socks have so much insulation that I would not have been able to wear a second pair. My overall impression is very favourable."


S.F. Bibby – Ice Dancer

"For walking purposes, and in general cold weather where larger footwear is appropriate, they are very impressive!"


Irene Harrison – Ice Skating

"I have used them indoors and walking out in trainers. They are lovely and cosy and comfortable to wear. I really noticed how cold it was when I took them off. I haven't washed them yet but I really like them."


Anney Williams - Ice Skater

"Liked the Heat Holders socks – Excellent! We have a skate shop at the rink that could sell these."


David Hill - Winter Sports

"My wife and I have just returned from a holiday in Lapland – 150km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. We took part in a two day Husky-sledging trek out across the tundra, staying overnight in a remote wooden cabin, far from civilisation. Temperatures throughout the trip were -25 degrees C to -30 degrees C but with my Heat Holders socks on inside my snow boots, my feet kept comfortably warm. We only removed outer clothes, before getting into our sleeping bags at the cabin, so the socks helped to keep my feet warm and comfortable overnight too!"


Jayne Mannings - Ice Skater

"I wear my heat holders when I go ice skating, they keep my feet lovely and warm in my boots.
They are much warmer than the ski socks I used to wear!"