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A Modern Military Mother Blog

"The entire family has been wearing these all week and we LOVE these socks! They are really soft on the inside; just pop them on for instant toasty toes!! My little girl won't take hers off; she's had them on for 3 days and even wears them to bed.
We've put them to the test on a really frosty morning and our feet have stayed lovely and warm but you definitely won't need to wear them if you're indoors with the heating on as they do tend to make your feet extra hot and a bit sweaty!! The real test will be when the snow comes, coupled with wellies; but I'm confident they won't let me down! Even the husband has become a 'thermal sock convert' since being forced to wear these for a week.

I've tried other thermal socks but none have been as soft to wear or kept my feet as warm, I will definitely be buying more in a range of various colours!!"



Lauren Love - Fashion Expert

"My Dad suffers from Raynauld's Syndrome - where your extremities become very cold and the circulation cuts off. It gets very painful for him. I also get a very mild version in my feet where my toes and sometimes heels go numb when it's cold. It's not much fun and hurts when you warm up again! Now typically I got these around the time of "the hottest day of the year so far" so I haven't actually worn them outdoors yet! However I have worn them when babysitting recently rather than slippers and can confirm they are toasty warm and very soft and cosy! I really loved them! My only thoughts are that they are quite bulky so you couldn't really wear these with little shoes or trainers, but they are fab for wearing inside your wellies, knee boots or uggs. My dad has also commented that his are being put to very good use on his cycle to work and so far it's only his fingers that are suffering!"



Cheryl Price - Executive Producer, Britain's Next Top Model

"Having to film, standing on a mountain in Norway in blizzard conditions was testing for myself, the models and the crew of Britain's Next Top Model. Thank goodness for our Heat Holders that we were given to us. They stopped our feet going numb and meant we could work on this difficult shoot for a lot longer. I was on the mountain for over 6 hours and my feet were still cosy at the end of it, which was a miracle!"


Jeanetta La-Four BHSAI BHS Int Sm - Editor, Absolute Horse magazine and Member of the British Horse Society

"I have to ride early before I travel over an hour to work so with the colder mornings we have been having I have been delighted to have a pair of Heat Holders. They really work."


Kate Hammaren - Assistant Editor, Horse & Rider Magazine

"These (Heat Holders) socks are so lovely and warm, and even after washing they don't lose their fluffiness on the inside. As they are quite thick I couldn't use them with my regular riding boots, but I use them in my Uggs when am at events and around the house. Warm and cosy, they do what it says on the tin!"


Sheena Correa - Features Writer, Yours Magazine

"From the first time I slipped on my pair of Heat Holders I was hooked! The inside of them felt like silk against my cold toes and in no time I was all all toasty and warm again. Definitely a great purchase if this winter turns out to be anything like 2010. Well worth it and I'm going to be buying them for all my friends and family who feel the cold."


Tahira Khan - Editor, Vanity Magazine

"Heat Holders socks differ from any other warm winter socks I have tried. It was like my feet were snuggled up in a velvet blanket. My partner has secretly stolen them from me."


Tony Austin - Shooting Times & Country Magazine

"These (Heat Holders) socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm shooting during long spells in the hide or on the foreshore."


Pat Gaskin - Editor, Fur and Feather Magazine

"They're purr-fect to wear under wellie boots on cleaning-out rabbit days."


Christine Parsons - Good to Chat magazine

"Heat Holders socks keep my tootsies seven times warmer than normal cotton socks."


Suse Coon - Lothian Life Magazine

"Heat Holders kept my feet warm whilst kayaking in temperatures of 5 degrees off the Mull of Kintyre this weekend.

I was daft enough to take the boat to the water's edge in trainers and got caught by a wave – wet feet right from the start. I debated changing but decided to test the socks wet, as they are pink and the alternative was to take them for a run through a bog, which seemed like cruelty to all things pink.

As well as wanting to see how they performed wet, I was very reluctant to take them off at all, as the extra long, brushed pile which provides the brilliant thermal properties really do give a luxuriously soft, cosy feel. And, as I'd hoped, once I was moving and warming up, so did the socks and my feet.

So, these really warm socks are great for anyone who goes out in the winter, whether it's walking, running or building snowmen, and they are also great for elderly people whose circulation isn't kept going by exercise."


Neville Fickling - Pike and Predators Magazine

"Once upon a time the term 'cold feet' was a phrase used to describe someone with a lack of moral fibre, a coward, but in case, I really do have cold feet – and I fear nothing and no-one!

Solving the cold feet problem is something I am constantly trying to do. When a pair of Heat Holders arrived I was more than happy to give them a try. I know there is not much that anyone could possibly say about socks, but these were very warm, very comfortably and not inclined to slide down inside my boots or chest waders. I will certainly buy some more when I'm near a SockShop."


Colin McDonald - Glasgow EXTRA Series

"The best thing about the severe weather has been discovering – and road testing- a pair of the ultimate thermal socks. Heat Holders from SockShop have an increased tog rating of 2.3, which makes them seven times warmer than normal cotton socks. The intense brushing process each sock have been through holds warm air close to the skin, keeping feet warmer for longer.

Long pile cushioning adds comfort and support where feet need it the most. Their gently grip prevents rubbing or discomfort. Heat Holders proved ideal for wear with wellies or walking boots (there's an all-weather tip we're also happy to share with serious outdoor types bagging Scotland's 283 Munros or trekking the west highland way) when having to trudge through snow and ice, and hang about chilly city streets waiting hopefully for buses and trains. 

Fashionable and functional they also provide a one sock practical and economical alternative to wearing two or more pairs of socks at once to trap that extra layer of air. "