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Amy Coleman

I am keen walker, but recently I found it to be far too cold to go walking outdoors this winter and early spring. After walking for a mile or so my knees would feel the cold and cease up causing pain and discomforting preventing me from fulfilling the amount of exercise I aimed to do. I purchased a pair of Heat Holders base layer leggings in the hope that they would help this problem, and they didn’t disappoint. Soft to the touch, they are exceptionally warm and comfortable and I was able to wear them easily under my walking trousers. Not only this, but they wash brilliantly, looking like new after each wash. A must recommend for any individual especially keep outdoor sports fanatics, who suffer with their knees. I’m tempted to buy the Heat Holders base layer top to see if it’s as good as the leggings!


Mary Dutcher

Can I just say how much I LOVE these socks? No joke, these socks keep my feet so warm! I have had diabetes for 35 years and have tried all kinds of socks because my feet are always freezing cold. These are the only socks I've had that actually do the job! Thank you Heat Holders!


Neil Jewell - Motorbike Rider

Everyone likes socks right? I do. I like all sorts of socks, regular socks, funky socks, cool socks in summer, hot socks in winter. Socks are a very personal thing, have the right sort of socks in the morning and you’ll feel good all day.

Imagine the scene, the cold fingers of winter are starting to creep into your house, the heating is on but it does nothing to stop the icy kiss from the bathroom floor as you fumble, blurry eyed, to the basin. You reminisce about the great socks you’ve had in your life as you wash the sleep from your eyes; The first time your first partner gave you socks; That Christmas when you and your sister had socks together, and now, years later, you are very experienced in socks yet you can’t wait to have what’s waiting for you back in the bedroom on this chilliest of mornings. Hot socks. This is your favourite type of socks, you slip into the warm, welcoming opening and immediately feel the warmth around you.

You set out for the morning commute to work, choosing the motorbike to avoid the traffic, yet aware the frost is still trying to bite. The warm glow of the morning socks is still with you and the cold doesn’t penetrate. You arrive at work feeling refreshed after an exhilarating morning ride, you tell your colleagues about your hot morning socks over a coffee.
I ride a motorbike all year. I do not own a car. Cold feet has always been an issue and can jeopardise safety. Numb feet unable to feel the brake and gears is a scary thing. I was so happy when I came across Heat Holders socks. I was amused at the 2.3 tog rating thinking that duvets on the feet will surely mean bigger shoes are needed but no, just a slight laces adjustment was required. 
They do keep the worst of the cold out and are still comfortable all day long in the office too. If you ride a Motorbike through winter then these are the socks for you. If your partner has really cold feet in bed, then these are the socks for them too.


Emile Jonker - Professional Hunter

"Hey guys! I'd just LOVE to give you some feedback on the Heat Holder socks product! WHAT AN AMAZING PRODUCT??! I am a professional hunter in South Africa and usually hunt during the night time and early mornings. Our hunting seasons are winter months so these came in EXTREMELY handy last night for the first time after I bought them! I could honestly spend hours walking and driving on the back of the vehicle without worrying about being able to walk when my feet are cold!!! I honestly wouldn't mind having 20 more pairs!!!! Kudos on a great product and thank you in advance for the other pairs I will be getting soon!!!


Nick Tanner - Glastonbudget Founder

"We were very pleased to be able to offer our staff some extra protection from the expected foul festival weather, and we are very grateful to Heat Holders for supporting our event. Our volunteer site crew were very appreciative of them when the bad weather came in during the break. Many thanks."


James Simpson - Event Manager

"Great boot socks, really comfortable, they kept me warm in the hail on Friday."


Katy Green - Volunteer

"I didn't bring my wellies and had to go and buy some just so that I could try out my Heat Holders, they rock."


Katie Williamson - Production PA

"It's amazing that Heat Holders have provided us with socks for Glastonbudget Festival. It's a really nice touch for the staff after the awful weather last year. They look great with my wellies and are really cosy"


Chris Ripper Slocombe – Glastonbudget festival goer

"Like most people I like to keep warm and working at a festival for long days it is more important than anything. Heat Holders withstood the challenge. They kept my feet warm and dry, they didn't irritate me unlike other socks would after lengthy use.

These are going to definitely become part of my kit bag for future festivals!"


Katy Green - Glastonbudget festival goer

"Heat Holders were amazing. I would recommend them to any festival goers not only were they incredibly comfy but also very warm. They worked like a dream at night when it was very cold and kept my feet nice and warm. Also when it rained on the Friday they helped to keep my feet nice and warm while working. I would definitely use them again not only while working on festivals but also any time I'm camping or just need to keep my feet warm"


Philippa Crommentmyn – Research Student

I have tried the knee high thermal Heat Holders. They are extremely warm and comfortable and great for wearing with Wellies!


Nickola Loakley – Chef

I really like Heat Holders socks, they keep my feet very warm and cosy. I have worn them in the snow and my feet still remained warm with no cold areas. I like the colour too and my husband does as he borrows them! He thinks they’re great!
The leggings are really good too, very easy to wear and very comfortable. Two fantastic products!


Hila Dee

Heat Holders helped my son survive the heavy snow with warm dry feet. We all have a pair or two, Heat Holders are a winter must!
My husband loves Heat Holders too, he had warm toes all through the snow! This is the second year we buy Heat Holders, they’re great!


Oumar Masood

Heat Holders are excellent and keep my feet warm during the snow!


Sandra Mullen

I bought Heat Holders for myself because my son said they are the best socks he has ever had!


Michaela Crossfield

Heat Holders are the best socks ever for keeping my cold feet warm! I wear them in my wellies and for the first time in my life I can walk outdoors happily without icy- cold and painful toes. They are also great in my walking boots. Perfect for what I wanted!
Heat Holders gloves are also the only pair of gloves that has ever kept my hands warm! I have worn them in the snowy weather and they keep me comfortable.


Catherine Forrest

Heat Holders are very comfortable and good value for sports socks.


Corrado Mella

I won't wear any other socks in winter other than Heat Holders, it is like putting your feet into a warm soft cloud!


S Pugh - Psychotherapist

As a sufferer of Arthritic related conditions I cannot recommend Heat Holders 'The Ultimate Thermal Sock' enough. Due to providing exceptional comfort, warmth and insulation the sock has aided the constant pain I endure in my feet, especially during the inclement weather.


Lucy Milner - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I bought some Heat Holders Socks for my family and I in February to wear on our 24hour flight/ journey. We all hate the inflight socks that are, supposedly, meant to keep your feet warm on your journey but always fail to succeed! After rave reviews that I've read, and experienced with Heat Holders in the past it seemed only natural to rely on them again for this purpose and they didn't disappoint! Thank you so much Heat Holders! A cosy warm start to a lovely holiday!


Elisabeth I Rohr – Torp - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

I love Heat Holders socks, I have a problem keeping my feet warm in the winter here in Norway and now I am very warm when I wear Heat Holders in my boots!


John Garnsey - Ex-secretary, Lostock Athletics Club

"I have given Heat Holders a good workout during this inclement weather - they are fantastic! They are so silky soft inside yet robust and warming to the toes even in wellies during this wintry spell. A quick rinse in the washer and they are as good as new. My wife is very jealous!"


Ross Freeman - Land Owner

"Heat Holders are very good and perfect for wellies."


Joanne Butler - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Three words to describe Heat Holders socks

1, Exceptional comfort

2, Fantastic warmth

3, Good Durability

My feet are no longer cold thanks to these terrific socks!"


Alan - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Heat Holders socks are very comfortable and soft to wear. They kept my feet at an even temperature, and the good smooth seams caused no irritation. They offer good insulation and would be ideal for anyone working outside in cold/wet conditions (i.e. Building Trades). 

They have a comfortable top welt – a good idea carrying the soft inner lining to top of sock, this eliminating tightness around calf. Would be happy to buy another pair "


Marian Hall - Ruia Group

"We have just returned from a fabulous break in Torver near to Coniston, our sons had booked a cottage for 6 people to celebrate my husbands recent 60th birthday.

My first impression of the Heat Holders was how light & soft they felt on my foot. There was no tightness in the boot. Everyone commented about how comfortable the sock felt. We were out walking for 6 hours & were so proud as us old ones made to the top of the Old Man. "


P.Whittleworth, Marple, Raynaud’s sufferer

'These gloves are amazing. I got the 'Aahh' feeling when i put them on. They are so soft, my hands became warm within a few minutes. My family steal them from me if I take them off, so I keep them on as much as I can!'