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Jim – Allotment Volunteer

"I have used Heat Holders over the last month (outdoors in the rain and snow) and find that Heat Holders do live up to their reputation!

They are so warm (cosy warm) and comfortable throughout the day. I would certainly recommend them for outdoor use.".


Christine Hurst – community Allotment

"Heat Holders thermal underwear are snug, warm and comfortable to wear. They fit under Jeans and are suitable for all winter outdoor activities including working at the allotment and hiking in Derbyshire in the snow.

Heat Holders socks are brilliant to wear inside wellington boots and genuinely keep feet cosy and warm.".


David – Gardening

"Heat Holders fit well, warm and wash well".


Sue Doughty – Garden Champion at Oadby and Wigston Allotment

"In cold weather I always wear my Heat Holders hat, gloves, vest, tights and socks! I have been wearing them since last September. They wash really well and don’t lose their warmth!

I love the way the vest fits and it is very shapely to the figure. The vest and tights and leggings keep me feeling warm but not overheated when you go from outdoors to indoors.".


Marion Grant – Gardener

I have tried many different thermals and body warming clothes over the years and Heat Holders are by far the best. I love the lightweight quality of the leggings, they keep me snug and warm without feeling restricted or getting me too hot and flustered as some other products do. Great thanks!


Wilfred Poore – Retired, Allotment Holder

"Heat Holder socks are very comfortable and warm which is great for during the evening whilst watching television".


Mr R Armstrong – Allotment Holder and Dog Walker

"The socks are great for cold weather at the allotment & even better for walking the dog in wintery conditions. No more cold feet when I'm walking through the snow. The longer length is great for warmth on lower legs. I would recommend anyone working outdoors to buy a pair of these socks. You won't be disappointed."


D.M Boulter

"Heat Holder socks have made my very old life worth living. Without them my feet may well of become gangrenous. They were so cold for so many years. 
Thanks for inventing Heat Holders!"


Sara - Alton Allotment committee member

"Oh my god! The snugglest feet I have ever had. Love the fact that they are [available as] long socks. The [Heat Holders] socks are a very good products and [I] would be happy to recommend them to others. Thank you!"


Beccy Weaver - Allotment Holder/Post Lady/Secretary, Alton Allotment Association

"I received my socks on Friday, 10th February. As it happens I am a post lady. On Saturday 11th Feb, it turned out to be the coldest day of the winter 2011/2012. Well, let me tell you, going out on a rural delivery at -9.5˚ C they were a blessing. I have cold feet at the best of times and I can assure you they weren't cold all day! I will be wearing the socks on the allotment with my wellies so thank you very much for keeping my toes all cosy, they really appreciated it and so did I!"


Allotment Gardener

"These socks are just the thing for when I work on my allotment; it gives me time when previously my feet have got too cold to work.


Alan Newman - Allotment Gardener

"I first tried these in bed, as I suffer from bad circulation due to medication I take. The [Heat Holders] socks were almost too hot; amazing!
The second try of them was with wellies in 4 inches of snow; again fantastic!"


Mr. J. W. Griffiths - Allotment Gardening

"I recently tried a pair of Heat Holders, which I was given by a fellow allotment member. Being a bit sceptical, as us of the older generation can be, I accepted them and during the past cold spell I have worn them and found them fantastic! Where I used to put on at least two pairs of woollen socks, Heat Holders thermal socks kept my feet very warm in the snow and ice. I would certainly recommend them to my fellow allotment members."


Robin Maule - Allotment Gardening

"I love the socks. I use them in my Wellington boots on my allotment. They keep my feet very warm.
A great product!"