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Annette Ruth Bradly - Horse Rider

"The warmest socks ever! and in great colours too! I've got all my friends buying them, a must have ,for wearing with wellies and riding boots."


Lesley Kirby - Walker, Horse Riding, based in Tasmania, Australia

"As a regular purchaser of Heat Holder socks I wish to congratulate you on delivering an exceptional product that actually lives up to the claims it makes, unlike many other similar products on the market that promise much but deliver little!

As an enthusiastic bush walker and horse rider living in a cold climate, keeping warm and dry is a constant challenge, particularly combating cold feet on winter mornings. Heat Holder socks are the only sock I have ever found which actually manage to ensure warm, dry, comfortable feet, regardless of outer footwear, so well done!!"


Jackie Chatwin - Horses and Riding

"As a chilblain sufferer it's difficult to find warm comfortable clothing to prevent them, especially this winter with the temperatures at -10 and below. After purchasing a pair (or three) of the heat holders socks the chilblains have been kept at bay. The result was one warm, extremely happy customer. I would highly recommend them."


Hayley Sankley - Riding Instructor

"I love these socks! I will look forward to buying many more pairs."


Karen Sankey - Yard Owner

"I have pains in my heels when walking so I have to wear either shoes or slippers for extra comfort. With Heat Holders Socks I could walk on the hard floor without having to put on slippers or shoes. They are also very warm."


Dianna Campbell - Horses and Riding

"I have been using these socks for two years now. I have a circulation problem and I am outside in very low temperatures with the horses and I have found these to be very good at keeping my feet warm. I would love a pair of gloves!"


Jill Robinson - Horses and Riding

"I had never owned a pair of Heat Holders Socks before, but had heard very good reports. After trying them I found them to be very useful and I will be buying more pairs!"


Jo Cody Boutcher - Horses and Riding

"I wore these Heat Holders socks throughout the recent bad weather. Definitely the best socks I have ever had to keep my feet warm."


Liam Burns - Stable Kid

"Couldn't be happier, (Heat Holders are) warm and comfortable."


Suzie Vincent - Mother of Show Jumper Hannah Vincent and Competition Winner

"Many kind thanks for the gift of five pairs of 'Heat Holder' Socks which my daughter Hannah won in a recent competition in Absolute Horse Magazine; they were very much appreciated, especially by me, as I spend many hours standing around at horse shows. Your socks were worn all week and we found them to be of great benefit as it always seems to be our feet that suffer the most from the cold!"


D. Bark - Competition Winner

"Through Absolute Horse I was lucky enough to win a selection of 'Heat Holders Socks.' They arrived in time to be used in the cold weather we are having and I just wanted to thank you!!"


Jacqui Wyett - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I recently bought two pairs of Heat Holders to use with my wellies as I have a horse, and have suffered with cold feet. I am delighted with the socks; my feet have been kept warm, even after 5 hours in wellies! I have been telling all my friends about them."


Ms. S. Reynolds - Horse Rider, Student and Sports Photographer

"Heat Holders are a vital component to my winter wardrobe! They offer optimum heat retention and comfort. I wear mine during practical sessions at Uni, doing the mucking out, riding, competing, standing around when practising photography and setting up for Pony Club rallies. The long version also gives me some knee protection/ cushioning when playing horse ball. Not to mention they are a perfect accompaniment for joggers and a hooded top to nurse a student hangover! Would recommend to anyone!"


Mrs. J. Kitchener - Horse Owner and Rider

"Out in all weathers to see to horses, feet are always the first to feel the cold, no matter how many pairs of normal socks you put on. Your Heat Holders are brilliant; my feet have never kept so warm and comfy! I've gone out and bought several pairs for my husband who works in refrigerated food works and he now swears by them too. Wonderful product!!! "


Mrs. K. Turner - Horse Rider and Housewife

"The Heat Holders socks are very toasty, comfortable and kept my feet warm in minus 7!

The only thing I would point out is, with them being so thick; my boots could have done with being a size larger to accommodate the chunkiness of the socks. "


Angela Brewell - Horse Rider and Reynaud's Sufferer

"Great socks! - I bought my first pair of heat holders a year ago and was very impressed how warm they kept my feet. I suffer with Reynaud's which affects my feet quite badly and, having tried many types of thermal socks in the past, I would still end up with 'dead' feet after finishing off riding and sorting my horse out.
These socks have really worked a treat they very rarely go 'dead' now even through this very cold winter with temperatures as low as -16 in our area, now I know that they work I have bought 3 more pairs!! I wear them whenever it's cold and I'm outside for riding, walking and generally messing about outside'"