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Hazel R, Essex

I was delighted to receive the Heat Holders to test since we have been enthusiastic wearers of the original Heat Holders for many years.
First impression when I received the pair to test was (1) I loved the colour (the purple is a lovely shade), and (2) they did feel thinner than original Heat Holders but had the softness I associate with Heat Holders.
I first wore them under a pair of casual shoes.  In wear they are wonderfully soft and cushion the foot beautifully, and they do fit well in casual shoes whereas the original Heat Holders would be too thick. The casual shoes I wore them under have never felt so comfortable and my feet certainly did not overheat when in shops, nor did my feet get cold when outside for an extended period.
I have been wearing the socks in wellington boots daily for our walk in the nearby woods.  Again they are wonderfully soft in wear, kept my feet warmer than normal socks on the coldest of days, and certainly added to the comfort of the boots compared to normal socks.
The socks have been hand washed twice and the outside appearance and the "fluffiness" inside were both as good as new afterwards.
I think these lighter socks are a great idea - certainly it's lovely to have Heat Holders which fit comfortably under casual shoes.


Pearl Draper 

I received my Heat Holders as a stocking filler for Christmas and naturally, I wore them instead of my slippers all day long! They were so incredibly soft and cosy, I just didn’t want to take them off. I now can’t go on a weekend away without them and will be packing multiple pairs for my trip to the Scottish Highlands over Easter. Thank you for keeping my ‘little piggies’ warm Heat Holders!


Loraine Bedford

I felt I had to write to you to say how grateful I was during the flood for your heat holder socks. After wading through freezing cold water for three days my feet were extremely cold so to eventually to be able to go upstairs and put these socks on was just bliss. I slept in them too when the power was off. It was a great idea to invent these so well done and Thankyou.


Christina Barnard

These are honestly the best thermal socks I have ever used; they keep my feet warm but not a horrible sweaty warm. Just a nice and cosy warm. I would not buy a different brand of thermal socks after this. They are a must have for winter! I love mine!!!!!


John Scott

Wanted to say how great your Heat Holder socks are. I am a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy and it is so important to keep my feet and toes in good condition and warm especially in the winter. I have always worn two pairs of thermal socks before but not getting the comfort of heat required. I have just put on my first pair of Heat Holders and after one hour can honestly say my feet and toes are lovely and toasty. I would recommend heat holders to diabetics to wear in winter. Great comfort and excellent value for money, so glad I found Heat Holders.


Anna Vayntraub

I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and I have tried numerous socks and leg warmers and the Ladies Wellington Boot Socks are the best thing I have ever worn, by far. I initially got the Heat Holders Slipper Socks, which were great at keeping my feet very warm but are too short for my needs and so thick that I can only fit into my loose house slippers in them. But, they kept my feet so amazingly warm (but never sweaty) that I went and purchased the Ladies Wellington Boot Socks which, although equally thick, are much taller.
These miraculous socks keep me very warm all day and night long. Plus, they reduce the numbness, tingling and burning sensations caused by my neuropathy. The Wellington socks, although not at all tight or binding, do not slide or roll down my foot like most tall socks and even legwarmers.


Kieran Matthews

I was never one for big bulky socks. But this winter really changed my mind-set. When I received my first pair of Heat Holders from my girlfriend I was undeniably overly excited at the idea of having toasty feet throughout the festive season. And the socks I received were nothing short of a life saver!
When I take them off I feel lost as my feet are reminded of the discomfort of normal socks that do nothing but let in a chill. I couldn’t be more grateful for being given Heat Holders and I will never go a day without them again!
I just can’t wait to experience the other items that Heat Holders have to offer. They are an ingenious creation and deserve nothing more than a five star rating. Simply wonderful.


Hollie Jones

I recently broke my leg quite badly I have had to have a metal rod put into my bone. Since having this done I can’t seem to keep my leg warm and I have tried all sorts double socks triple socks thermal long johns etc. The joint warmers are absolutely brilliant they have kept my leg so warm even out in the field with the horses. The socks really help to keep my toes warm which was a big problem before and the tip about putting them on the radiator first is a great idea that really does help. I am so grateful for your help, I can actually keep my leg warm now which has helped with the pain side of the injury as well so I would like to say the biggest thank you to all at Heat Holders


Karin Winroth

Your socks are the best I have ever tested. I am 61 years old and have always needed extra warmth for my feet. I am living in the north of Sweden and believe me it is cold. From October until the middle of May the temperature is always below zero. I have tried every kind of woollen socks, but Heat Holders are the best. Thanks.



Thank for my prize of the Heat Holder Socks from Yours Magazine. They have arrived and are exactly what we had hoped for. My 91 year old husband thinks they are wonderful. He always had cold feet, but not anymore. Thank you to everyone concerned for making an old veteran very happy.


Sharon and Peter Boultwood

Thank you Heat Holders - your products have changed our lives! We are wearing your socks, tights, thermals and fleeces and they are fantastic! We will never wear any other products in the winter months.


Chris Carter

The thermal and practical comfort of wearing my HeatHolders has solved my home comfort issue at a stroke! When the room temperature's around 17-18C it's really only below-the-knees that I feel it, so why switch a fire on? And my legs stay warm wherever I walk to!
Many impoverished fellow citizens' winter comfort (or even survival) chances would be improved by being given a couple of pairs - courtesy of the Social Security or NHS budgets. What an investment that would be!
Great product. Thanks.


Kevin Donelly - Super Satisfied Heat Holders Customer!

"I have bought many Heat Holders products over the last couple of years, mainly from local stores. Words cannot express how great these products are, especially the socks.
If you have never bought any I would highly recommend getting a trial pair, you will soon be ordering more and for friends and family like I do.
I have recently ordered thermal clothing via the Heat Holders website, as well as some more socks and their thermal vests, leggings and trousers are amazing. Better than anything else I have tried (and have tried various products and companies). Heat Holders wins hands down and I will never buy any other thermal products from any other company.
As well as amazing products I have received nothing but the best customer service from Heat Holders, especially from Jen Collier. Amazing service, quick replies and going the extra mile for customers. Something most companies should offer but very rarely do. So thank you to Heat Holders and Jen."


Victoria Heneghan

“After a day at the office, I look forward to wearing my Heat Holders socks and getting cosy next to the fire. They’re so snuggly and soft and perfect for the winter months. Needless to say, my boyfriend now has his eyes on a pair!”


Caroline Conry

“Heat Holders socks are very comfortable and are very soft inside, unlike some other socks of a similar thickness. They keep my feet plenty warm in this cold weather!”


Janet Raymond - Retired

“A great colour, really nice warm, easy to put on and not too tight, great socks!”


Pauline Simons - Retired

“Heat Holders are outstanding in comfort and warmth, as well as a circulation booster!”


Gladis - Retired

“Lovely socks, easy to wear, so warm, I have already recommended to friends!”


Lisa Williams - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I wore my wellie socks for the first time and all i can say is they are "Fantastic". My tootsies were as warm as toast while wearing my wellies. Although its still summer i am sure they will help keep my feet snuggly warm in the winter.
I spend hours on end in wellies at the allotment and while out with the kids, so wearing these made me feel like my feet were wrapped in a duvet. Wellies are now a pleasure to wear with the help of my heatholders."


Maris Maryam - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"I bought some heat holders this week for me and my son and I have to say that I am so happy with those socks! Already they've proofed to work really well - nice warm feet when the weather is getting colder.
I'm already promoting the socks to others!! And, gonna buy some more pairs for us to prepare for the chilly weather. This would also make a good gift to some of my friends. So, thank you - your socks really are heat holders!"


Murray Stewart – Glastonbudget festival producer, outdoor event organiser, motorcyclist and ex-military man

"It is vital in my work to have good comfortable footwear and warm dry socks. I have worked on site all day and night and rode my motorcycle home wearing Heat Holders. Not only were they warm and dry, they were also extremely comfortable, both in the foot and up the calf. There is sufficient give in the material to allow a snug fit on the calf without leaving impressions on the skin. This is often the down side to wearing other so called thermal motorcycle socks. Despite the thickness of the sock, there is no effect on boot sizing, which adds to the comfort. Often you need to wear a size bigger boot if you wish to wear a thermal type or thicker sock.
I am very impressed with Heat Holders. I also think that they are an excellent motorcycle sock."


Kelly Thompson – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Heat Holders have improved my life! For nine years I have had terrible neuropathy in my feet from chemotherapy. For me neuropathy is freezing toes. During the day I wear toe warmers that stick to my socks. The night has been my challenge. I have tried numerous down slippers, wool socks, heating pads etc. They all start off OK but around 3AM I wake up with freezing toes. I just bought Heat Holder and I wake up in the morning with toasty warm toes for the first time in nine years! I LOVE Heat Holders!!! Thank you for a wonderful product."


Sue – Northampton Sleepout!

"I received a pair of these socks for the night of the sleepout, in pink – which is one of my favourite colours J. I was very grateful, as I do suffer with my feet getting cold ! As soon as I put them on I could feel the difference, and to be honest, I have to say I kind of forgot about them after that – which is a good sign, because it meant that my feet weren't cold all night! Even when I got home the next day, and crawled into my very welcome bed to get some proper sleep, my feet were still lovely and warm, and this is when I normally notice the cold the most. Thank you HeatHolders, your socks certainly made a difference to me and my feet!"


Maureen – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"Fab socks – kept my feet warm all night, and great colour range too. Thanks"


Rodney Gomm – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"BRAVO!!! These are the warmest socks on the planet!!!

I think I was one of your first online customers and I said I would let you know how I liked them as I am plagued with cold feet! Heat Holders delivers! Thank you!"


Andrea Richardson – Walker/Hiker

"Living on the Isle of Skye I spend a great deal of time outdoors plus the fact that we have two springer spaniels who need a lot of walks, Heat Holders are blissfully warm and comfortable!

Putting Heat Holders on on a cold frosty morning is like a ‘Big Hug For Your Feet!’ They are toasty and warm with lots of padding under the foot.

Heat Holders are perfect for wearing with my boots or wellies. I love the purple colour.

I also like to wear them around the house as ‘Sock Slippers’ perfect for putting on after the shower and wearing with my PJs!"


Anonymous – Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"My 93 year old father is enraptured with you HeatHolder (2.34) socks. My mother has to trick him into parting with them so they can be washed."


Mr. J. White - Satisfied Heat Holders Customer

"These Heat Holders socks are the best socks I have ever worn and I am a bit of a sock geek! They are extremely warm and very comfortable. They feel like you have cotton wool on your feet at all times.


Katelyn Mickey'ukie – Reynauds Sufferer

Thank you Heatholders, I tested them out the first time after a long day at work and it was very cold outside, up here in BC Canada. I have raynauds disease and when I got home my toes were numb (didnt have my Heat Holders socks on). When I put them on it was close to 5 min and my toes were no longer numb. Usually it takes me around a half hour to get my toes warm. I kept them on all night and my feet were nice and warm. I live in a basement suite where the floors are very cold... I usually walk around wearing slippers. This was the one time I didn’t have to. The floor in our bathroom is freezing and I didn’t feel the cold at all through them.
The second time I tried them I wore them all day and my toes didn’t go numb once. They worked perfectly.
They fit well inside my skate shoes and my snowboarding boots and would be great for snowboarding and I don’t doubt they’d keep my feet warm all day).
I highly recommend Heat Holders.
I’ve even recommended them to my friends and family members who work in camps up north.
I love these socks and I’ll definitely be buying more.


Paul Davies

I suffer from cold feet they can be terrible especially at night when I go to bed my wife always comments if they go near her.
I received a pair of “Heat Holders” Thermal socks, for testing. I have worn them and all I can say is “wow” I have been completely blown away, so much so that I am going to purchase some more when next winter approaches. I have tried several different brands prior to these and all I can say is your competition make thick socks not thermal socks! I wore the “Heat Holders” during the recent cold snap, they not only kept my feet warm but the heat radiated throughout my body! A wonderful product you have me sold on them completely.