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Andrew Hoyle - Freshwater Kayak Angler

"I am a passionate freshwater kayak angler who fishes throughout our cold and damp Autumn, Winter and Spring months. For me to perform and enjoy my angling it is essential that I am warm and dry. Therefore, I only use performance clothing that delivers what it claims on the promotional packaging.

From October 2012 through to April 2103 the Heatholders Long Thermal Socks have been field tested by myself on numerous, six to eight hour kayak angling trips. The thick fleece lining combined with the long length that insulates my calf's worked superbly to retain heat within my feet where other products have failed. I fully endorse this product and highly recommend the 'Heatholders Long Thermal Socks' for all fishermen and women to enhance your cold weather angling experience."


John Prior - Fishing Enthusiast

"I live on a boat and as I am now older I find it more difficult to keep warm. These socks are the best I've found in helping me keep them warm. I also have a garden I work in and they help keep me warm as well. "


David Mannall - Commercial Director, The Carp Society

"Having used the 'Heat Holders' all winter for my climb and barbell fishing, I just love them. No longer do you need to wear two pairs of socks which end up with your feet cramped, just great! "



Miles Carter - The Carp Society Manager

"Having fished throughout this long cold winter, these socks have been a life saver. Warm as toast and certainly a must have for any out door pursuit. Brilliant! "



Andrew Endean - Professional Angling Coach

"I dropped several hints to my girlfriend about some of the Heat Holders Socks to be added to my Christmas list, but never received any on the day. However I was delighted when I popped in to see Miles at the Carp Society and he handed me a pair to try out. I've been using them over the past two weeks in some really cold weather and they have been the best socks I have ever had. I will certainly be recommending them to my students when teaching from now on!


Mr. P. Lomax - Fishing Enthusiast

"Being a diabetic I have problems with reduced circulation in my lower legs and feet and feel the cold quite easily. I have found over the last two days fishing that Heat Holders have been very beneficial in maintaining a good temperature in my feet, and I have been able to carry on fishing for longer"


Mr. J. Dale - Landscaper and Fishing Enthusiast

"I have found Heat Holders very warm and comfortable, I wore my pair for fishing and the best results came from use of two pairs, one to walk in and one to sit in. My feet tended to sweat whilst walking, but stayed warm until about half an hour after stopping. So I used thin socks for walking to my peg then changed to the Heat Holders, they then stayed warm all day. Thanks!"


Mr. S. Kenyon - Fisherman, Walker, and Hiking Enthusiast

"As a member of Turton and Edgeworth Angling Society, I know that cold feet can ruin a good day's fishing. Since I tried Heat Holders, cold feet have not been a problem. They help keep your feet warm, but because they are breathable, your feet don't sweat. They are also very comfortable for long walks when carrying heavy tackle.

The knee length socks are particularly good with wellingtons. I also walk/hike a lot and will be trying them out over the winter. I am going to recommend them to my parents who are also keen walkers. I cannot fault Heat Holders and would willingly try new products from the range."


Ms. H. Kershaw - Fishery Owner

"Heat Holders are fabulous, really comfy and cushioning. They are very warm and a good length. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."


Mr. M. Done - Fishing and Walking Enthusiast

"It's impossible to put into words what the Heat Holders clearly have over other thermal products, whatever it is, it must be kept a closely guarded secret.

The warmth and comfort they provide is second to none and they can be worn on any occasion without the usual thermal clothing stigmas. A truly magical product!"