Damen IOMI HEAT HOLDERS Zweischichtige Raynauds Pantoffelsocken

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IOMI Fußpfleger Dual Layer 3.1 Tog Socken mit Heat Holders Thermotechnologie wurden entwickelt, um die Symptome von Raynaud zu lindern.

Unser fortschrittliches, in Japan entwickeltes Thermogarn bietet eine leistungsstarke Isolierung gegen Kälte mit überlegener Feuchtigkeitsatmung und Weichheit.

Unsere innovative Stricktechnologie erzeugt unseren langen, geschlungenen Kissenflor, um mehr warme Luft zu halten und die Tog-Bewertung zu erhöhen.

Unser fachmännisches Bürstenverfahren maximiert die Menge an warmer Luft, die in jeder Socke gehalten wird, für unschlagbare Wärme und ganztägigen Komfort.


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Größe:             UK 4–8, EUR 37–42, USA 5–9

Entwurf:        Zweilagige Hausschuhsocken 

Name:          Violett


Hauptmaterial     -  89 % Acryl, 8 % Polyester, 2 % Nylon, 1 % Elasthan

Futter   -  90 % Acryl, 7 % Polyester, 3 % Elasthan


Maschinenwaschbar 40' ... Nicht im Trockner trocknen

Heat Holders

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love love love

Super cosy slipper socks, absolutely love wearing them, don’t want to take them off. I’m needing to buy a new pair though as my hubby keeps pinching them.

Heather ORourke

Ladies IOMI HEAT HOLDERS Dual Layer Raynaud's Slipper Socks

Kate Godfrey
great quality super service

really pleased socks are great

Was so hopeful but ended up disappointed

So I bought the Raynaud's sock and was so excited to try them.
To start I thought amazing, they did keep my feet warm round the house. Problem though was the grippy soles. I never go without slippers or shoes (well I do have Raynaud's but also have other issues so need othotics) but putting on slippers was not easy with the grips and no way would it work with boots.
They I washed them. Because of the two layers they tied themselves into a ball and twisted between the layers. One badly so. They also bobbled on the first wash.
Totally gutted as I had high hopes they would become my working from home socks and I could buy more. ☹️

Thank you for the Feedback.

Sorry to hear of the problem with your socks. The double layer socks can sometimes tangle in the wash but they should be easy to straighten after wash.

To reduce pilling we recommend washing the socks in a wash bag, this will prevent them from rubbing against any other abrasive materials that may be in the wash.

It is worth mentioning that all our socks and slipper socks are suitable for sufferers of Raynaud’s. The Raynaud's slipper socks are designed to be worn without shoes or boots, the non-slip sole allowing them to grip the floor. They are not recommended for wearing in shoes, for this we recommend our normal Heat Holders socks.

(Private message to customer to sort issue)

Allison T
Made a huge difference

My feet get so cold and that meant I couldn’t be outside under 5 degrees without my toes getting painfully numb. Tried these out in 3-4 degrees and made it two hours. This is life hanging as I can take my kids for a walk now without worrying about my feet. They are thick and make my foot about a half size bigger so they don’t fit in my regular shoes but luckily I have some boots that are a bit big so they worked in those. I know these are intended to be slipper socks but I desperately needed something to work for outdoors and these were the highest rated I could find.


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