Damen IOMI HEAT HOLDERS Zweischichtige Raynauds Pantoffelsocken

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IOMI Fußpfleger Dual Layer 3.1 Tog Socken mit Heat Holders Thermotechnologie wurden entwickelt, um die Symptome von Raynaud zu lindern.

Unser fortschrittliches, in Japan entwickeltes Thermogarn bietet eine leistungsstarke Isolierung gegen Kälte mit überlegener Feuchtigkeitsatmung und Weichheit.

Unsere innovative Stricktechnologie erzeugt unseren langen, geschlungenen Kissenflor, um mehr warme Luft zu halten und die Tog-Bewertung zu erhöhen.

Unser fachmännisches Bürstenverfahren maximiert die Menge an warmer Luft, die in jeder Socke gehalten wird, für unschlagbare Wärme und ganztägigen Komfort.


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Größe:             UK 4–8, EUR 37–42, USA 5–9

Entwurf:        Zweilagige Hausschuhsocken 

Name:          Lavendel


Hauptmaterial     -  89 % Acryl, 8 % Polyester, 2 % Nylon, 1 % Elasthan

Futter   -  90 % Acryl, 7 % Polyester, 3 % Elasthan


Maschinenwaschbar 40' ... Nicht im Trockner trocknen

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

Great service from this company. Products are well described on the website, communication was clear and informative and delivery prompt. Th esocks are super soft and very warm. The recipient does not have Raynaud’s but does suffer with circulation problems and finds the socks effective in keeping toes warm.

Fab socks for icy toes

I bought 2 pairs for my teenage daughter who suffers with cold feet all year round. She loves them and doesn’t take them off...... I’ll be buying a few more pairs this weekend

Excellent warm slipper socks

I use these socks on an evening when I’m sitting feet up on the sofa. They keep my Raynaud’s affected feet lovely and cosy. Whilst you can wear them walking about, I don’t as they don’t stop the cold coming through from non carpeted floors. When working in the kitchen I use Heat Holders slippers which are also great.

Super soft, super quality!

I bought these for my Mum as she suffers with Raynaud's and winter walks make it worse. These are super thick, high quality and kept her feet warm for the entire walk! Very very impressed and some very happy toes!

Best socks ever

Wow, these are amazing socks. I don't have Raynauds but I do have fibromyalgia and arthritic pain, and these slipper socks keep my feet warm all day long. Since discovering the brand I have been wearing Heat Holders slipper socks by day and sleep socks at night - makes such a difference to my pain levels. My feet are never ever sweaty wearing these, and never feel uncomfortably hot, just consistently cosy. Thank-you 💜


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