Herren HEAT HOLDERS Fingerlose Handschuhe

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Wärmehalter® Fingerlose Handschuhe mit HeatWeaver® Thermofutter.

Wärmehalter® praktische fingerlose handschuhe für herren eignen sich hervorragend zum schlüpfen, besonders wenn du dein handy trotzdem benutzen möchtest. 

Das speziell entwickelte Garn bietet eine unvergleichliche Kälteisolierung sowie hervorragenden Komfort und Atmungsaktivität mit schützenden Bündchen.

Passende Mützen und Halswärmer sind ebenfalls erhältlich.



Sie messen ungefähr 4" über die Handfläche und 10" in voller Länge


Schwarz, HolzkohleKhaki, Marine

Entwurf:         Fingerlos Handschuhe


Schwarz, Marine

Außen - 100 % Acryl

Futter - 100 % Polyester

Holzkohle, Khaki

Außen - 53% Polyester, 47% Acryl

Futter - 100 % Polyester


Maschinenwaschbar 40' ... Nicht im Trockner trocknen

Heat Holders

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Susan Tracey
Not very big

I bought the mens large for my husband who does not have extremely large hands but they really are not big enough

Private message to customer

Brilliant gloves

These are amazingly comfortable and keep your hands nice and warm. These gloves mean business: the fabric is quite thick and of quality make and it thins a little around the fingers, but it's still just bulky enough to slow down typing on a keyboard a little. I would struggle to type efficiently on a smaller keyboard such as a laptop's. Smartphone use is just fine and really I think that is what these gloves are for. I can type on my phone just fine with these but I found that I had to arch my fingers a lot more than normal in order to avoid typos. Well recommended for this coming winter, so glad I found this site. BUY THESE!

Only negatives are that there is a small but unnecessary use of plastic inside the shipping parcel but at least the parcel itself is recyclable, and that there aren't as many varieties for men as there are for women; the ladies definitely have a better selection here.

Jean B

Perfect to keep hands warm but still be able to type

Marion Smith
Have to take them off as my hands get too hot!

These gloves are so good keeping your hands warm that I overheat but I take them off for 10 mins and back on. If someone were to have circulatory issues these would be ideal as you still have full dexterity.

Peter Horrell
Great gloves

Really warm, great gloves. Fingerless option works well if you need this - obviously not quite as warm as the full gloves which are also excellent


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